The Canada-France Quantum Alliance International Research Network - CAFQA brings together researchers from CNRS, French universities and Canadian universities. Its objective is to foster collaborations between French and Canadian researchers in different fields of quantum sciences and technologies.


The CAFQA network is pleased to announce its first workshop, to be held in the Paris area from Monday 22th to Wednesday 24th May 2023 and hosted by CNRS. The workshop will cover the latest developments achieved in both countries in the fields of:

-          Quantum materials and circuits

-          Quantum computing and simulation

-          Quantum communications

-          Quantum sensing and metrology

-          Quantum basic science and quantum engineering


The program will consist of invited talks presenting recent advances in the field (25' talk + 5' questions) given by researchers from both countries, as well as brief overviews of research activities in the various institutions.


Deadline for registration: March 31st 2023 at 23:59

Registration is free but mandatory.

Please use your HAL or SciencesConf account or create a new one to register.

This workshop will be an in-person event. The number of in-person participants will be limited to 100 on a first-come first-serve basis.

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